Saturday, July 31, 2010

Design your own comfort

                 Design your own comfort may feel absurd at the first hear as soon as the words from ear through brain reach inward eye of mind, it makes sense. In this modern and open every impossible or absurd idea happens to be realistic and common.
                 There might have been some times when you have felt something wrong or awkward in your persona despite of every surrounding being okay. Yet, there must be some genuine cause. Try to find it out. Was it the colour of your top or was it length of your bottoms or was it fittings of your inner wear or was it heel of your footwear or was it atmospheric changes? Or was it some one's rude behaviour towards you? Or was it work pressure? Or...
     Whenever you feel discomfort, spare a few moments. Retire and try to trace the cause. If it relates to some external physical item, check it at once. Relax and resume your task. And if it relates to some internal emotional disturbance,
 1) Make its picture clear in mind and then try to see its reverse side. You will get the positive thought from its reverse side.    
 2)If there some one's rude behaviour which has been hurting you, do not get upset but try to sympathise with his/her diseased psychology and forgive.
                                                    Remember - To forgive is Divine.
 3) If it is someone else's fault or carelessness try to reminisce his/her strong points. Then call him/her. Remind him/her his/her those strong points and then come to the point of his weakness. Make him realize it intuitively. This behaviour of yours will surely improve one's carelessness and consequently your own comfort.
 4) If it is your own egoist nature, try to reconsole it by imagining the situation keeping yourself in the other's place. It will give you an insight to understand the problem and its solution.
 5) If it's someone else's ego which is the cause of your discomfort, try to communicate with him without hurting his ego.
         Remember - Every one loves one's own ego. It is "I" only which can be changed by "my" will only.
 6) Remember always - Goodness lies in your own eyes. If anyone deliberately tries to discomfort you, try to simply ignore him without making more fuss on it. Keep a distance and enjoy your life.

  Essence of this blog is - Designs keep changing. you can design your own comfort according to your own emotions and perceptions and the need of the hour.

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  1. I like this talking related with ego..I think that's not easy to manage my ego, to priority and empathy to other ego when conflict to my ego..But if we want to share the blog with others need make them comfort...back again to our goal..

    great posting!